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Are you interested in becoming a Millstone Pond neighbor? Please take a moment to review the following residential guidelines.
Millstone Pond considers each and every application with a maximum of flexibility and judgment. Applicants should have a stable employment history and continuity of income sufficient to meet the financial obligations of manufactured home community living. Income from both primary and secondary sources is considered. The primary source of income is the homeowner's principal employment. Secondary income is that obtained from overtime, part-time work, commissions, child support, alimony and other similar sources that have shown a similar pattern (three years) and are likely to continue. As a general rule, the total monthly expenses cannot exceed 65 percent of the net monthly income.

Applicants should have a steady employment record, but Millstone Pond will favorably consider an applicant who has had job changes in the previous two years, provided that such changes demonstrate advancement within the same line or related line of work. Unstable employment and frequent job changes in the previous two years in unrelated fields or occupations with no indication of advancement or stability of future employment may be grounds for denial of any applicant.

Millstone Pond requires a written credit report on each applicant. The applicant's history in the use of credit and the manner in which obligations were paid will be considered. Any recent reports indicating slow pay, collections, repossessions, creditor lawsuits, defaults, or foreclosures will be considered grounds for denial unless the applicant can establish that circumstances were temporary and beyond the control of the applicant. Any open accounts or obligations that appear on a credit report, but are not listed on a credit application may result in a denial if such omissions are regarded as significant by Millstone Pond management.
To apply for residency in Millstone Pond community, the applicant must first complete an "Application for Residency" form. To begin the process of the application, the following must accompany the completed Application for Residency: two (2) recent check stubs per applicant; verification of employment by employer; copies of the front and back of all applicants' valid driver’s licenses or state IDs. Additional information may be requested in addition to these items. In order to hold the applicant's selected site, the following fee will be collected at the time of application: application fee of $40 for the first applicant and $20 for each additional applicant (non-refundable)

If additional fees are charged for the use of third-party employment verification, those fees will be the responsibility of the applicant to pay at the time the fee is incurred.

Upon approval for residency by Millstone Pond Management, a $500 security deposit is due. An application is valid for 60 days; all fees and paperwork must be completed within the 60-day period.

Prior to the occupancy of the home, all residents require a Community Orientation. At this time, a Lease and Move-In package is to be read and completed by the resident and management. Any monies owing along with the first month's rent and balance of the security deposit are to be paid at this time.

For any questions about the Millstone Pond Application Procedures or Requirements, please call the community office at 586-725-0099.

Rental charges per month

$417.00 Standard
$455.00 Corner / Feature / Perimeter Site
$567.00 Pond Sites

Application & rent fees

Application fee of $40 for the first applicant and $20 for each additional applicant, non-refundable and due at the time of application.
Rent is due on the first of each month.

Additional charges

Site Tax—$3.00 per month

$10.00 per pet, per month. Maximum of two domestic pets per household. No aggressive breeds or behaviors; no exotic or farm classified animals.

Extra Vehicle Fees—$10.00 (per month for each vehicle beyond three)

Security Deposit—$500.00

Late Fee—$40.00 (certified funds only)

NSF Fee—$45.00 (certified funds only)

Water and sewer will be billed monthly based on household usage.

Community application

This is a Fillable PDF. To complete the Millstone Pond Community Application PDF form online, you need to have a PDF reader installed on your computer, such as Adobe Reader. It is available as a free download. You must save the completed form to your computer before printing. Completed applications can be either mailed or delivered to our office.
Download application form

You may also apply online using our secure web form!